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    For over 20 years, Michiana Sports Medicine has been providing quality throwing instruction to athletes of all ages.

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    Throw Harder, Throw Safer

    Pitching and Throwing Instruction

    It's Not Just Point and Throw

    Throwing can be something easy to learn, but doing so consistently and without injury can be a challenge. That’s where we come in. Unlike other baseball and softball facilities, we actually teach the proper mechanics of throwing that lead to better results without the risk of injury. This means you not only improve your results, but you also spend less time icing your arm on the bench. Injuries do happen, so you owe it to yourself to become a better player and not worry about slowing down your game. Visit us today at one of our three locations.



    We Have a Range of Services to Bring Out Your Best

    MSM offers small group lessons. In addition, we work with Little League Parks, high schools, and traveling teams to conduct camps and clinics.

  • Our Values

    We always strive for the best.


    We are extremely passionate about sharing our knowledge of proper throwing mechanics. Our throwers are  important to us and we enjoy the personal relationships we have formed with both our athletes and their families. We have continuous long term relationships with a great number of them. Our throwers realize that without good mechanics you will play with pain and you will not play to your full potential. With MSM, not only will you be pain free but you will also throw more accurately with increased velocity. That is our goal and what drives us to do what we do best.


    John has over 40 years of experience in teaching overhand throwing mechanics to baseball and softball players. He also has over 20 years of experience in teaching underhand throwing to softball players. John is a Licensed and Certified Athletic Trainer that has worked with players as young as 4 years old all the way to up to players that make their living playing baseball. John has trained more than 10 players that have or are currently playing at the Major League level.


    Lynn has been involved in teaching overhand and underhand mechanics for the last 12 years. Her patience and attention to detail are essential to throwers learning proper drill work which leads down the path to correct throwing mechanics.


    Not only do we enjoy teaching overhand and underhand throwing mechanics but we have fun doing it!  We believe in a relaxed atmosphere with a lot of positive reinforcement.

  • Meet John

    John Coddington

    Lead Instructor and Founder

    John has over 40 years of experience instructing athletes in proper throwing mechanics. John specializes in injury care, prevention, and rehabilitation of athletes and post-surgery patients. He has been sought after to conduct camps and seminars throughout the Midwest.


    John is a Ball State graduate, a NATA board-certified Athletic Trainer, and an Indiana Licensed Athletic Trainer. He was the Athletic Trainer of the Year in 1989 and was inducted into the Indiana Athletic Trainers Association Hall of Fame in 2001. He was inducted into the Ball State Sports Medicine Ring of Honor in 2008.


    John is enthusiastic and teaches athletes essential techniques while making it a fun process.

  • Pricing

    Small Group Lessons

    $30.00 per hour session or $250 for a 10 session package.


    Team and Park Clinics

    Contact us for price and availability.

  • Locations AND SCHEDULE

    Come visit us at any of our below locations. Or let us come to your park or team.

    Downtown South Bend

    Cubs Academy - Four Winds Field

    525 S. Lafayette St, South Bend, IN 46601


    7:00-8:00pm Underhand Throwing; Overhand Throwing for Softball Catchers

    7:30-8:30pm Overhand Throwing, Baseball and Softball


    Bases Loaded

    884 N 100 W Valparaiso, IN 46385


    Scheduled Saturdays: Call for schedule. Typically 8:00-9:00am CST

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  • testimonials

    See What Our Clients Are Saying.

    "Worth every drive and every penny."

    Rod and Joanie

    “WOW! What can I say about MSM... just about the best around. We took our then 12 year old to the pitching clinic last winter and all I can say is what a program. John works really hard with the mechanics of pitching, not so much as how fast you can get it to the plate without hurting your arm. He has done wonders for my son. Many, many compliments from the whole Brandywine Cal Ripken League. He has currently been accepted on a traveling team in Niles, Mi, The Sluggers. He is hoping to use the skills that he has already learned and will learn this year or next with MSM. All we can say is outstanding teachers! Worth every drive and every penny.


    Thank you again MSM.”

    "She used to complain of her arm hurting, now she doesn’t."


    “The summer 2005, my daughter could not throw from the home plate to second base.  The ball would land behind the pitchers mound.  We then started taking her to MSM in February 2006.  Now she can throw from home plate to centerfield with no problem.  She used to complain of her arm hurting, now she doesn’t.  Not only has she improved her playing performance all around, but her confidence has greatly improved.  She now takes the field knowing she will make the play.  Their dedication to the kids that go to Michiana Sports Medicine is remarkable.  They care so much about the kids.  The time spent with my daughter was amazing.  I would and have recommended Michiana Sports Medicine to anyone who wants their child to improve their mechanics and their confidence!"

    " My best decision was to make John Coddington my pitching coach! "


    "John Coddington is the best coach you can ever have! In nine years, I have never needed to ice my shoulder or arm. John teaches you the correct way to throw, and the best way to throw. My best decision was to make John Coddington my pitching coach!"

    "I want my daughter to remain healthy in her pitching."


    "My daughter has been pitching under John for 9 years and have never experienced a sore arm.  He is motivational and has the drive to take you to the next level.  Pitching is important but these girls have to live with these arms for life, so I want my daughter to remain healthy in her pitching; you can achieve this with John."

    "Without you guys showing her the proper form and mechanics she never would have been ready."

    Rick Longley

    "John, this is Rick Longley. I used to bring my daughter Audrey to you five years ago. We came off and on for a couple years. She just finished her freshman year at Brandywine in Niles where she pitched for the varsity team that eventually won district. Softball is her second sport, she plays volleyball ten months out of the year. So when she was selected for varsity we were a little surprised. She pitched in 20 games for the Bobcats, starting nine times. She finished with a 4-5 record and had two saves. Without you guys showing her the proper form and mechanics she never would have been ready. The pitching coach told her he didn't want her to change anything. She still gets lazy with her glove side up and getting long from time to time but her motion seems fluid. Thank you from our family to yours. We appreciate everything you have done for her. One of the girls she used to pitch with at your place, Brooke, had an awesome year for Niles. A freshman as well, Brooke was the Vikings number one starter. Both schools are in good hands for the next few years. Continue the great work and I hope to someday get her back to you.

    Thank you
    Rick Longley

    "I cannot tell you how much John and Lynn Coddington have impacted the life of my daughter. "

    My daughter’s name is Allie Piatt, AKA “Dirt”. Allie was a starter as a freshman with her High School team. During a practice, she broke her collar bone, colliding with the left fielder. Dirt thought everything was over for her softball career. I have never seen her cry so much. I told Allie while waiting in the emergency room that things happen for a reason.


    At the time, we didn’t know the reason, but now we know that was the best thing that ever happened to my daughter. The pain for Dirt was that she thought her freshman playing time was over, and it was. Then the recovery, yep it was horrible. The team and the coach all let her down. She was alone and had no support. She thought she would never play the game she loved ever again.


    Then, the saving grace of knowing that her therapy sessions would be with John Coddington at SBO. We never met him before but heard his name and heard all good things on how he taught kids to rebuild and throw in a correct fashion. Throw correctly? Dirt has played softball since she was 8 years old. I thought she threw pretty darn well. Allie could play any position you asked of her. She was a catcher, third baseman, short stop, second base, and became the center fielder for her high school team.


    Allie began her therapy and rebuilding with John. And then all of a sudden, she was picking up the correct mechanics and improving physically. I could even see the change in her throwing mechanics. However, emotionally she was at a huge disadvantage. She had a coach that didn’t believe in her and she wasn’t a “favorite.” John built her confidence. Dirt then tried out for a different Travel organization and decided that after her sophomore year of playing for her high school, she would only dedicate her time to playing travel ball. Her travel coaches saw how the kid could throw. “Look at her arm”, they would say. She could throw from the outfield to the catcher with no crow hop. It’s amazing to say the least. And…as I listened and observed through all of the therapy and lessons and time spent with John, I wanted to yell, it’s her hips!!!


    Long story short, Allie is now a freshman outfielder for Lewis University, a NCAA Division II school. I cannot tell you how much John and Lynn Coddington have impacted the life of my daughter. Allie almost packed it in, but with the confidence building and teaching and long hours of practice, her hard work paid off and she is now living her dream of being a college player. Do I believe she could play for a Division I college? Absolutely. But, she found her fit with a magnificent college coach, a great university, and athletic and academic money. My daughter is happy and even proud that she has accomplished her dream with so much adversity and a no give up attitude. I was able to watch Allie’s very first college game, sitting in the outfield, Allie had a target throw to second for an out…and I heard the parent’s all say, “is she a freshman? Wow, she has an arm!” Yes, she does! Oh but it’s her hips!


    John and Lynn are a very important part of our family and thanks just isn’t a big enough word for what they have contributed into the life of Allie. We found our reason….John and Lynn! Hips don’t lie…the kid can throw!

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